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A Time to Ponder  

On Remembrance Day this year we  received an email sent to all members and friends of Hillhead Sports Club by the chairman of the club Keith Fowler. Although many in the West End are familiar with the club many others may not know the history  which we now share with you below.

Poppy field

Exactly 100 years ago this year, many brave former pupils from Hillhead High School stood shoulder to shoulder with many other thousands of brave individuals to fight for their country in the First World War. Four years later, following one of the deadliest conflicts in history, the War officially ended at 1100 on 11/11/1918. 185 former pupils of Hillhead High School had sadly lost their lives in the conflict.

21 years later, the Second World War also took its toll on Former Pupils, with a further 84 Hillhead lives being taken between 1939-1945.

Hillhead High School War Memorial Trust (known by most of us today as Hillhead Sports Club) was formed in 1922 to establish a memorial to honour the former pupils killed in action during the First World War. The grounds on which we now enjoy our sport and leisure were acquired in 1924 by the Trust to house the Sporting activities of the (then) Hillhead High School Club in memory of the War Fallen.

Our continuing to play sport and socialise at Hughenden helps to keep alive the memory of all those who gave their lives in conflict. In addition our recently constructed rugby stand was dedicated at a small opening ceremony by the Rev. David Locke to all those who gave their lives in both conflicts.

Today, on the anniversary of the conclusion of the First World War, we should all spare a thought for the price that was paid by so many in fighting for our freedom in the two World Wars and in the many conflicts since. Young men and women – many who I imagine enjoyed cricket, rugby, tennis and keeping fit as we do today; all of who enjoyed socialising and spending time with family and friends; people just like us.

Please stop by the Memorial Boards in the Bar the next time you visit, read some of the names, and take a moment to ponder who these young people were and the ultimate price they paid.



“When, as is natural enough with the passage of years, we incline to take Hughenden for granted simply as our ground, we should do well to ponder on the toll of youth that was its price.

So said the Very Rev. Dr. John Smith at the opening ceremony and dedication for the new grounds and pavilion, 24th May 1924. And ponder we should, 90 years on.

You can read more about the History of Hillhead Sports Club on our website –

Short biographies of each of the fallen can be found on the Hillhead/Jordanhill RFC website as well as images of the Memorial Boards.

K. Fowler, Chairman, Nov 2014.