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New clinic helps respiratory and skin disorders

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Sufferers from respiratory and skin conditions have welcomed the opening of a unique new clinic in Glasgow which draws on an age-old traditional curative process.

Salann Halotherapy, run by husband and wife team Graham and Ashley McFarlane, is the first centre of its kind in the west of Scotland.

It specialises in the use of salt therapy to treat respiratory conditions and infections by reducing inflammation and killing bacteria.

It also has beneficial effects on certain skin conditions because the salt treatment reduces the negative effect of bacteria and oils.

Graham, who suffers from asthma said: “I tried the salt treatment myself and saw the benefits after only one or two sessions – and I was convinced there was a wider market for the treatment.

“Salt therapy has a fascinating history. It really started out as what was an old wives’ tale.

“It originated in Eastern Europe where it was reckoned that people who entered salt caves felt invigorating effects.

“People scoffed at the idea that it was anything other than superstition – and it wasn’t until around 200 years ago that a Polish physician proved that it actually worked.

“Then, in the mid-80s, Russian researchers recreated the conditions found in salt caves by creating an environment rich in microscopic particles of salt.

“They used what is called a halogenerator, which creates its own micro-climate.

“Minute particles of salt work at a cellular level. In terms of respiratory problems, the salt particles get deep into the lungs, helping to clear out mucus and aid breathing.

“The treatment works on everything from coughs and colds to asthma and bronchitis.”

Graham said that the same principle applies to skin conditions.

He said: “The salt particles settle on the skin helping to remove dead skin, bacteria and harmful oils and this helps the skin to regenerate.

“It is beneficial to sufferers from dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis for example.”

Salann Halotherapy is now open for business in Glasgow’s Woodlands Road.

If you have a respiratory or skin condition that is proving tough to treat, why not sign up for a free consultation and talk to an expert who can recommend the appropriate treatment.



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