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Clyde Life Pavilion- Scotlands Boat Show

Scotland’s Boat Show is more than just a boat show.

Aerial InverkipYes, it might be the third largest boat show in the UK and have £7.3 million of brokerage boats on sale. But the show, now arguably one of the best boating experiences in Scotland, also has evolved into a unique opportunity to sample some of the finest foods and goods and services on offer today in this country. All aiming to help you create a more enjoyable lifestyle for yourself and your family.
Once again the Clyde Life Pavillion is bursting at its canvas seams with talented crafts men and women and entrepreneurs showcasing unique products, gifts and services.
As well as the massive array of trade and technical stands serving the boating community’s every need, you will find a small army of people dedicated to ensuring you see Scottish living at
its best. Each year a tented village springs up at Kip Marina, amidst its offices, workshops, waterside homes and eateries.
The Clyde Life Pavillion is the ideal place to start your Christmas planning, buying those extraspecial gifts. Forget the mass market, town centre Christmas slog. Here you can wander at your
leisure and select some presents to get your Christmas off to a cracking start.
There is no nicer feeling than finding a gift which you know is just perfect for someone. Many of the exhibitors in the Clyde Life Pavillion can be commissioned to add a personalised touch to the present – so place an order, secure in the knowledge that’s another name ticked off your gift list.
The Clyde Life Pavillion offers not just gifts for you and yours but for your pets and your home as well.
Scotland’s Boat Show is more than boats it’s about choosing to create and live a Scottish lifestyle embracing the best of the traditional with inspiration of the modern; enjoying the outdoors
and returning to the comfort of an enjoyable home at the end of a day of discovery and adventure.