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Fit for Fashion

Fit for Fashion


Over the past few years, there has been a definite link between mainstream fashion and sportswear with the two now perfectly combining into something of a fashion powerhouse.



Fashion and fitness along with a surge in healthy eating is more of a complete lifestyle choice and as a result designers, shops, restaurants, juice bars gyms and other retailers are really getting involved in this movement.


Most designers have either a separate sportswear section or at least incorporate it into their main collections and now many independent sportswear companies like Sweaty Betty and Fabletics (a brand now available in the UK designed by actress Kate Hudson) are capitalising on this booming market by producing their own ranges, many of them now showing and producing ‘seasonal’ fitness clothes just like traditional fashion retailers as our appetite for new sportswear just keeps growing. Not to be outdone, high street retailers like Marks & Spencer, H&M, Gap and even Tesco and Asda all have their own fitness apparel and it has to be said, are pretty good in style and value.


Some of you will remember the unfortunate fitness fashion fad of the 80’s when the wearing a neon leotard over leggings accessorised with legwarmers and sweatbands was all the rage, thankfully time moved swiftly on and the majority of us were quite happy to wear an old t-shirt and a pair of well loved trainers.  Fast forward to now however and it’s a much nicer picture where looking good whilst working out is big business. Women really do want to be fashion forward with their choices, even if it’s at the gym, the track or the dance/yoga studio and they want to wear individual, unique fitness attire which makes them look and feel great, clothes which they are also happy to wear outside the gym as well as inside.  We are now certainly in a time where we are happy to pay top prices for sportswear, where before it was perhaps something of an afterthought.


Trainers are a huge fashion statement and are now worn by many, young and old on an everyday basis, from getting us to and from work, at our workouts, at the weekend with jeans or with a party dress and everywhere in-between.  Sales of trainers are on the increase and with so much choice you shouldn’t find it difficult to get a pair that suits you and your needs.  From Chanel to Sports Division yours is out there!


So, choose some stylish fitness clothes and trainers, whizz up a healthy delicious smoothie and start your fashion work out, even if it’s just turning the pages of your favourite fashion magazine – you’ve got to start somewhere!


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