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Packing for a Summer City Break!

bettybarclay_68801893860625Summer in the City

by Marilyn Thomson

City breaks in summertime are the perfect alternative to the more traditional beach or lounging round the pool holiday. Pick a city then explore its unique and individual charm.  If you’re really lucky you may be able to fit in a couple of trips to different cities over the holidays packed full of different cultures, languages, traditions, architecture, food and beauty. All of which will give you so many wonderful memories.

Packing for a city break doesn’t need to be stressful, like all packing, preparation is the key and choosing clothes that work well together is of primary importance.  It’s a hardworking short break wardrobe that you’re aiming for.  It’s got to travel well, and see you from morning to night, doing all sorts of things.  Sightseeing (obviously) but then there’s lunch and dinner, shopping, exploring, perhaps cycling, certainly lots of walking and then the nightlife – a lot for one little case to cope with!

As you’ll only have a carry on case (please don’t be tempted to do hold luggage) you will be forced into savvy packing, so here are some tips:

Wear a lot travelling – This means layer up! – make sure you wear your cover up cardigan or lightweight linen casual jacket over a shirt and t-shirt.  Wear your jeans and your heaviest comfiest, stylish yet practical all round walking shoes and pack your lightweight sandals or flip flops.

Monochrome palette – Stick to a monochrome range of mix and match clothes when packing, so everything works well together. Be strict with yourself and don’t be tempted to throw in random things that can only be worn as a standalone outfit.
Travel Essentials –  Your City break travel essentials should be loose, laid back, stylish clothes in quality fabrics and comfort should be high on your list allowing you to cope with a packed agenda.  Style doesn’t go amiss either as you’ll be up against the super stylish European locals for whom dressing seems to come easy.

Brilliant Multitaskers –  The best multitasking clothes are going to have to cope with whatever you do from early morning till late at night so aim to pack a shirt (also good as a cover up) shorts, lightweight dress (suitable for day and night) jeans or casual trousers and a couple of interchangeable stylish tops.

Bearing in mind your little case, try sleeping in a t shirt rather than taking pj’s roll up your underwear and keep your toiletries and cosmetics to the bare minimum -This is undoubtedly really hard but do remember that rather than having it confiscated at security for being too much or too heavy – just buy your shower gel, shampoo etc whenever you get there.  Of course, you will also want to leave some room in your case for some city mementos.


Wherever you’re going and whatever you do this Summer – do it in style!