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Red Carpet Facial Review by Rachael Tyrrell

Red Carpet Facial Review by Rachael Tyrrell

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Having over indulged with late nights, after work drinks and a fair few meals out, it’s fair to say that my complexion was not at its best prior to trialling the latest treatment from Clinetix, Scotland’s top aesthetic clinic.

A favourite in Beverley Hills, The Obagi Red Carpet Peel was designed by renowned dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi to improve skin quality in only 30 minutes. Suitable for all skin types, the treatment has no downtime, so is ideal for people looking for a kinder chemical peel.

Upon arriving at the clinic, I was met by a very knowledgeable therapist who talked me through the procedure and its benefits – tighter smoother skin, smaller looking pores and a radiant glow that can last for two weeks.

To start, my skin was cleansed and exfoliated to allow the peel to penetrate.  Next came the solution  which was applied in two layers for two minutes each. Throughout the peel I was asked how my skin felt… fairly hot and tingly but not at all painful. After the peel solution was removed, repairing serums and a moisturiser were applied and I was done. For half an hour after there was a little redness, but my skin felt fresh, glowing and super smooth.

Fast forward five days and the look and feel of my skin has dramatically improved with no post treatment breakouts. I will definitely be booking a top up to maintain my radiant glow and recommending the peel to friends who want to give their skin a boost.