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Resolutions Revisited

Resolutions revisited!

Joanne Simms

Remember those wonderful New Year’s resolutions which had crumbled by January 5? Now, in this new season of spring, it is time to pick up the pieces and start again!


THINK about it: we’ve being going about New Year’s resolutions the wrong way, especially the fitness ones.

They don’t call it the dead of winter for nothing; you were doomed to fail then, but not now.

At the New Year’s Eve party, you vowed in 2017 you were finally going to shed the stubborn extra stone that had crept on over the years; take up jogging, Pilates, power-walking, start swimming again, run a 5K. And the result? Within a week the lure of the sofa, a box set and finishing off all those sweeties and cakes left over from Christmas was just too much.

What did you expect? In December you had cocooned yourself against the long winter with extra warmth, light, fat, sugar, alcohol and any other carbohydrate you could find. There’s nothing wrong with that. From Yule to Saturnalia through to Christmas the basic logic is undeniable: save up some supplies to have a big feast in the middle of winter to build us up for the last hard push that’s coming before the start of spring when nature eases up on us. It gives us something to look forward to and something cheering (hopefully) to look back on.

Only now, instead of one huge big blast our physical and psychological boost has kind of strayed into three weeks of pre-Christmas socialising, Christmas and then New Year.

After this orgy of comfort, in the time of year that is the coldest, darkest and wettest you suddenly demanded that your body went cold turkey!

Even as you laced up those trainers or reached for the car keys and your yoga mat or swimming togs the rain was lashing against the windows.  You said you’d go to the gym on the way home from work but succumbed instead to that cosy onsie you got for Christmas and the last layer in the big tub of Quality Street.

The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. The flesh was screaming what it has told us since the time of our hunter-gathering and first tentative steps into agriculture: between now and the return of spring things could get really nasty, hunker down and conserve those calories.

What you should have done at New Year was say: ‘During this year I resolve to. . .’ and slowly eased yourself out of the eating and exercise habit/ritual of winter so that as soon as the better weather and extra daylight arrived you were raring to go.

Like, now.

So what are you waiting for? When you gave up on January 5 and left a trail of disappointment, sweetie wrappers and mince pie crumbs in your wake you did not fail, you were not defeated; you just lost the first skirmish in the first battle in the war.

Start now when the timing is right.  This is the start of the new financial year, the new growing season and the new you – so get stuck back in again!

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